Satoru Kosaki – BEASTARS – Original Sound Tracks (Season 1) (Red Splatter Colored) (Vinyl 3LP)


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Artist Satoru Kosaki
LabelAll The Anime Music
Formatvinyl, lp, record
CountryUnited States (US)


Soundtrack to season 1 of the anime Beastars. Brand new and sealed. On red splatter colored vinyl.


Known for his captivating compositions and orchestral mastery, 神前暁 (Satoru Kōsaki) is a renowned Japanese musician. As the genius behind the soundtrack of TV anime “BEASTARS”, he has crafted an unforgettable score that perfectly complements the series’ themes of drama, action, and suspense.


**TVアニメ「BEASTARS」オリジナルサウンドトラック – A Sonic Odyssey**


Released as part of the “BEASTARS” franchise, this album is a testament to Satoru Kōsaki’s versatility and creativity. The soundtrack seamlessly blends elements of rock, pop, electronic, and orchestral music to create an immersive listening experience. With its memorable melodies, pulsing rhythms, and soaring choral arrangements, this album is sure to captivate fans of the series and new listeners alike.


**Key Highlights**


* Features the iconic score from TV anime “BEASTARS”

* Showcases Satoru Kōsaki’s impressive range as a composer and musician

* Includes a mix of energetic rock tracks, emotive ballads, and haunting orchestral pieces

* A must-listen for fans of Japanese animation and music


**Dive into the World of Beastars**